shoprite outlet
shoprite outlet

south African company, Shoprite has shut down operations with staff locked inside its shopping complexes across Lagos.

At the Ikeja City Mall, the franchise abruptly shut down operations leaving shoppers stranded.

Nigerians destroys properties in respond s to South Africa xenophobic attack
Nigerians destroys properties in responds to South Africa xenophobic attack

A notice on the door reads, “Dear customers, we condemn the xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa in its entirety.

“These attacks are totally incompatible with the values of our company and we are not in any way in support of it.”

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Similarly, South African telecommunications company, MTN, also closed some of its outlets in the city for fear of an attack by angry Nigerians.

Been reported that in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, costumers and workers are been chased out of an MTN outlet.

The latest development follows xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African migrants in South Africa since August 28, leading to loss of lives and the destruction of dozens of businesses owned by Nigerians.

Outraged by the situation, several Nigerians have called for a reprisal in the country where South African businesses flourish unhindered.


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