if you’re a lover of KFC’s Zinger fillet and the Original Recipe fillet, then you will be pleased to know you can now enjoy both at the same time.

As part of its “secret menu” the fast-food chain has combined the two popular items to create the Hot or Not burger — a burger touted as the perfect middle ground for fence-sitters who can’t handle the heat.

“Top that off with a winning combo of fiery supercharged sauce, mayo, cheese, bacon and lettuce … we’re onto a winner,” says Kristi Woolrych, KFC Australia’s chief marketing officer.

KFC unveils its latest secret menu item — the Hot or Not burger. Picture: Sir Eats A Lot

“We know how much our fans love a Zinger Burger®, but not everyone’s tastebuds can commit to its spiciness.”

And so the Hot

or Not is for those keen to spice things up “but only by a little bit”.

It’s the latest item on KFC’s secret menu, which will include 11 items released throughout the year. News.com.au can confirm that from today you can get your hands on the Hot or Not burger — but only via the KFC app.

“Just like all of our past Secret Menu creations, we anticipate our fans will be very excited to get their hands on the latest item, especially those who have never tried the combined flavours of a Zinger Fillet and Original Fillet in one burger,” Ms Woolrych told news.com.au.

“The Original Fillet and mayo will help cool down the spice of the Zinger and supercharged sauce, for those who quite can’t handle the spicy flavour hit.”

It’s a combination of the Zinger fillet and the Original Recipe fillet. Picture: Sir Eats A Lot


The clues are hidden in the KFC app, comments on its Facebook page, KFC email newsletters and online.

The unreleased items were designed by staff long ago as part of an internal competition.

Once customers visit the KFC site it is taken over by an automated message that reads:

“This gift to the world, it’s time to bestow, solve my riddle to discover where to go, find the place in the App where the food is on show … my secret you’ll find when the Colonel says hello but make sure you keep it on the down low.”

To make the purchase you need to download the app, select your nearest store, tap “order”, and when the menu appears, drag the screen down.

In July, KFC unleashed the Triple Stacker as part of its hidden menu.

As cartoon Colonel Sanders appears, hold the screen for 11 seconds until the secret menu pops up.

The product on the menu will change every month to encourage dedicated diners to keep checking back on the app.

“Discover unreleased treats that have never seen the light of day — until now. I update the menu regularly, so keep checking back,” the menu description reads.

The KFC secret menu is available at all participating stores Australia-wide for the remainder of 2019.


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